Instant communication between a city and its citizens

Reach your residents
easily by e-mail, SMS
and automated calling

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What is memo?

The memo messaging system offers the transmission of short, adaptable messages of interest to your citizens, delivered by e-mail, SMS and automated calling, that remain available on the web at all times.

Practical, reliable and instantaneous, memo makes more accessible the information linked to the municipal life and activities of your citizens.


Each citizen notified according to his or her interests

  • Municipal life

  • Environment

  • Culture

  • Waste removal

  • Emergencies

  • Events

  • Snow removal

  • Construction

  • Bike paths

  • Traffic

  • Parking

  • Skating rinks

  • Team sports

A simple tool,
in tune with the times

Many organisms have already signed up with memo to offer personalised, modern and user-friendly information to their citizens. Will your city or town be the next one to join memo?

Features unique to memo
  • Responsive platform
  • Use of messaging best practices (CRTC)
  • Capacity of 50,000 texts per hour
  • Free e-mail transmission at all times
  • Automated calling billed per use
  • Cloud environment
  • And much more...

An efficient management interface

Nothing has been left to chance in the messaging platform. An integrated search module, customizable templates and statistics give the administrators absolute control and real-time planning of their tasks. All of this powered by Charcoal, Locomotive’s own content management system, developed specifically by for memo.

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Memo is revolutionising the way municipalities communicate with their citizens

Jean-François Chainé

Vice-president, Locomotive

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